The Horn WRECKS021

Klasse Wrecks is pleased to present a collection of old and new music from longstanding producer Steven Horne aka The Horn. The Horn's productions date back to the mid 90s, his series for Mark Pritchard's Evolution label being a stand out and signifier of a true studio obsessive. Steven Horne's back catalog of unsigned demos runs deep and ranges wide in style and tempos and after remixing his 'Villager' track Luca Lozano quickly signed up to sign on a collection of tracks. The 'Counter Counter Offer' EP collates music produced in-between the years 1994 and 2018 and offers them up as an introduction into the world of the The Horn and his music making process. Melodic and simplistic in style, Horne's music ranges from trippy and playful to deep and ethereal, employing his orchestra of various studio hardware pieces, all working in perfect unison.

*Includes digital download.